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Author: The Stance Integrated Pain and Spine Clinic, Koramangala, Bangalore Date: 2021-04-14



If the patients feel there is a recurring pattern or pain, an increase in frequency and intensity of symptoms, and do not respond to the usual conventional approach of muscle treatments, spine adjustments, and medications, surgery is usually advised.

However, the approach of treatment at our clinic offers clinically advanced pain-effective pain management along with spinal manipulations or adjustments that help in reducing pressure on the nerves and help the patients recover faster than other contemporary approaches and therefore can help avoid immediate surgery.

Sacroiliac joint strain and pain is the most common primary or secondary cause of back pain, which are either present along with lumbar spine problems like disc bulge, prolapsed, or herniated disc, or in some cases, the SIJ torsions, and dysfunctions can be the primary cause of the pain, and also can cause pressure on the disc and nerves in the lumbar spine.

Therefore, isolation and treatment of the Sacroiliac joint in either primary or secondary causes of lower back pain are important to help patients restore alignment, reduce the pressure on the nerves, and reduce muscle pain and stiffness around the lower spine and hip joints.

Best-in-class treatment non-surgical treatment options for helping chronic spine and joint pain. Consult with the internationally certified and trusted integrated medicine team offering a world-class non-surgical pain management treatment approach.

Our approach is to help the patient in the identification of the source of the problem and diagnosis properly with the latest technology and conventional methods.

We offer a unique integration of the modern medical approach which is without surgery and spinal manipulative OMT techniques to correct the muscle imbalance and also correct joint alignment at the same time.

Manual medicine like manual osteopathy, digital spine analysis, and impulse chiropractic care for restoration and correction of structural problems which are the main reasons for pain and discomfort by correcting and restoring the natural alignment of the body.


Osteopathic Approach – OMT Spinal Manipulation/Adjustment and OMT Myotherapy.

Chiropractic Approach – Advanced Spine Analysis and Adjustment Technology.




“Our approach has not only simplified the treatments but it also actively involves the patients to recover by our very simplified, yet very dynamic treatment protocols.”

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