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Welcome to The Stance an Integrated Pain and Spine Clinic, Bangalore.

Non-surgical spine and pain clinic.

Minimum Treatment. Maximum Recovery

Welcome to The Stance - An Integrated Spine and Pain Clinic, Bangalore.

The Stance is the best-in-class non-surgical spine and pain clinic.

Minimum Treatment. Maximum Recovery


We offer only non-surgical treatment solutions for common and complex spine and pain problems. Integrated Spine and Pain Medical Clinic Koramangala Bangalore Karnataka, is the center of excellence where world-class osteopathy approach, chiropractic approach, and advanced pain management treatments are effectively integrated to offer proper healing for faster recovery as compared to isolated treatments which focus on either medicines or only alternative therapy treatments in isolation. INTEGRATED PAIN AND SPINE CLINIC– BANGALORE is the first-ever non-surgical facility where an internationally certified team of pain physicians and alternative medicine professionals offer their services to help recover from pain, e.g., spine issues, musculoskeletal pain, soft-tissue injuries, sports injuries, nerve pain, degenerative joint diseases, and much more. Consult Today For Maximum Relief and Minimum Treatment

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Osteopathy Manual Treatment means a therapeutic application of a variety of manual treatments to treat musculoskeletal disorders by effective application of soft-tissue technique, spinal and joint manipulation to help optimize the body function. The treatment is designed not only to treat the site of pain but to optimize the function of the entire body as a unit…



Impulse Chiropractic Adjustment reduces interference on the nervous system by application of a series of precise, computer-controlled, gentle impulses to free-up joint fixations, relieve muscle spasms, and restore normal joint function. The chiropractic approach is aimed at correcting the spine alignment, alleviating pain…


digital spine

Introducing: First Time in Bangalore, Spine Analysis and Adjusting Technology (US Approved).
Impulse Chiropractic helps to localize, treat, and adjust the spine with the computer-guided latest American technology. This helps analyze dysfunctional spinal segments and adjust precisely the most affected vertebral segment



Soft-tissue injuries, sports injuries, and chronic injuries of the ligaments, muscles, and joints can be very painful and often take a longer time to heal. The major challenge of an improperly healed tissue is that the pain keeps on recurring when subjected to physical strain. Non-surgical treatment options include administration of healing agents under ultrasound guidance when helps in proper manual adjustments.

Long-Term Pain Relief/Sports-Injuries Care

Relief From Long-Standing Pain like muscle pain, arthritis pain, frozen shoulder, knee ligaments injuries, coeliac plexus pain, neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, myopathic injuries, and other long-duration pain can be treated non-surgically with our pain-treatment approach.



Introducing: First Time in Bangalore, Spine Analysis and Adjusting Technology (US Approved).
Impulse Chiropractic helps to localize, treat, and adjust the spine with the computer-guided latest American technology. This helps analyze dysfunctional spinal segments and adjust precisely the most affected vertebral segment


Minimum Treatment. Maximum Recovery

The patients upon consultation with our specialists can choose the appropriate treatment which can be either manual treatments, advanced pain management procedures, or an integration of both in complex and chronic cases.

Integrated pain and spine clinic offers treatment that ranges from non-surgical, non-invasive, and non-drug treatments. Manual

Osteopathy, Digital Spine Analysis, and Impulse Chiropractic Adjustments focus on manual identification and correction of the misalignment and restoration of function in the spine and joints. These are alternative medicine and completely manual form of treatments without the use of medicines, invasive procedures, and non-surgical approaches. Some of the techniques used are commonly referred to as spinal manipulation, soft-tissue manipulation, spine adjustments, or myotherapy. Integrated pain and spine clinic offers a unique combination of the latest technology and conventional manual treatment for the first time in Bangalore.

Modern Alternative Medicine treatments and pain management procedures like Prolotherapy, Platelet-Rich-Plasma, Prolozone Therapy, and Ozone therapies are non-drug and non-surgical treatments to enhance the healing capacity of the body which otherwise is subdued because of improper healing and is one of the major reasons for chronic pain. With an early advanced pain management approach, the recovery is not only fast but also greatly increases the possibility of proper and complete recovery.


Long-term pain relief remains a challenge for doctors and patients all over the world because of the non-availability of a multidisciplinary approach and the recurring nature of pain in chronic cases. Important aspects of any pain treatment plan are fast and effective pain control with pain-relieving agents, reduction of inflammation at the pain site, decreasing the nerve sensitivity, followed by restructuring and strengthening of the joints, muscles, and ligaments.

Every step-in chronic pain management has its clinical significance and any treatment designed to quick fix does not really solve the problems but rather confuses and alters the proper healing mechanism, and the problems keep on recurring or even get worse. For the first time in clinical practice, manual treatments and advanced pain management treatment are comprehensively integrated to deliver faster and long-lasting pain management at our clinic to give world-class treatments in one place.


Experienced Team of medical doctors and alternative medicine specialists like pain doctors, manual osteopathy, and impulse chiropractic specialists at one place for consultation and treatment for chronic spine and chronic pain.

Proper Medical Evaluation, Treatment under the supervision and guidance of leading Pain Physicians.

Latest Technology for Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Treatment\Time Saving and Highly Economical Treatment Value in Long-Term Care

Reduces Unnecessary Multiple Visits For Maintenance. Joint Consultation by Experts in Complex Conditions

Preventive Care and Recurrence Prevention Care Under the Guidance Of Leading Pain Physicians

Trust the Most Trusted, Scientific, and Evidence-Based Treatment Approach from Leading Integrated Medicine Team at Our Clinic

The Stance strive to offer the best pain treatments by our internationally certified and highly experienced team of manual medicine, alternative medicine, and advanced pain management team. Our treatments have helped many patients manage their spine and pain issues with our non-surgical approach and help them recover from recurring and chronic pain.



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scoliosis and winging scapula issue

I had a problem of scoliosis and winging scapula that was developed 4 years back due to an accident. Then IPSC and Dr. Kumar came to rescue, he understood my problem to the root cause and within few sessions I started seeing changes in my body. After the treatment I got confidence and now I can walk and work like normal human. Doctor is really experienced and treats like friend.

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Jon Haris

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Highly recommend to consult for knee pain.

Dr Kumar is good at his craft. Consulted him for my dad's knee pain. To our surprise, only within a few sessions, he is doing much better. We thought it would take a lot longer to get some relief, but simply amazed by the improvement. The entire team is highly caring, diligent, and also strictly adheres to the treatment. Highly recommend to consult for knee pain.

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Dboss Fan

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I had a slip disk neck and low back since from last year

I had a slip disk neck and low back since from last year so I took one year to found this treatment I visited ipsc clinic dr Kumar treated me am Abel to do all the work now am very much glad to thank dr Kumar...

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Tharun.M Nadhiya

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Great experience as a first timer.

Great experience as a first timer. I barely waited to be helped when I checked in. The staff and Dr. (Kumar) & Dr. (Nitish) were all very friendly and helpful. I especially loved how Dr. (Kumar) really took his time to explain my condition with me as well as my treatment options. I had a great visit and the doctor’s demeanor has really put me at ease just wanted to thank for helping me to recover so quickly from my cervical injury. so I highly recommend this clinic. IPSC - Integrated Pain and Spine Clinic

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Vinod Kumar


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"Our approach has not only simplified the treatments but it also actively involves the patients to recover by our very simplified, yet very dynamic treatment protocols."