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Author: The Stance Integrated Pain and Spine Clinic, Koramangala, Bangalore Date: 2021-03-14


Effectiveness and Limitations of an Osteopathic Approach as a Non-Surgical, Non-Drug, and Non-Invasive Treatment in Spine Problems?

A non-surgical approach to dealing with chronic pain is a conservative method of pain management where the patients seek medical assistance prior to surgery to seek relief from pain and discomfort. Around 80% of non-serious degenerative musculoskeletal conditions like disc pain, disc pathologies, and joint arthritis have responded effectively to the osteopathic manual medicine approach. If your pain is recurring and other quick-fix treatments have not worked for you in the past, our integrated approach could be a viable alternative.

Osteopathic manual therapy is based on the principle that our bodies are in a continuous state of healing. Once the interference in the body is removed, healing and recovery start.  Osteopathic practices are employed to promote the natural healing abilities of the human body. Osteopathic is non-invasive and is practised without the use of drugs or medicine. It is because of this non-invasive approach that a lot of people prefer Osteopathic treatment across the world. Osteopathic manual treatment does not just eliminate the ache and pain but also seeks to understand and treat the root cause of the problem and plan for recurrence prevention so that fewer maintenance sessions are required thus planning for long-term recovery.

This is an evidence-based and highly effective treatment methodology that incorporates a lot of treatment techniques depending on the conditions rather than focusing only on joint manipulation or only stretching and strengthening the muscles as in exercise-based treatment models.  With the help of the Osteopathic method of treatment, the body recuperates on its own and becomes more resilient, stronger, and healthier overall. The treatment is planned differently in all stages of healing acute, subacute, acute-on-chronic, and chronic conditions. For every visit, the patient’s condition is examined and treatments are planned as per the condition, rather than giving similar treatments for all the visits. Every stage of recovery has its own clinical significance and the selection of proper treatment from soft-tissue manipulations, articulations, mobilizations, and manipulation/adjustments are planned followed by effective and simple yet dynamic exercise techniques to practice at home.

The approach of osteopathy to treating patients is thus very holistic, targeting the overall wellness and health of the patients and not just the ailment. To accomplish this holistic approach, Osteopathic the approach seeks to bring about just enough manual interventions that can allow the human body’s innate healing processes to gain the upper hand over the factors that create an ailment


This holistic treatment comes with personalized and customized care for each client. You will also recommend the right diet containing essential nutrition, regular exercises for a fit body, and lifestyle changes as well to reduce the stress in the patient’s life. We believe that the body’s condition is influenced by the lifestyle that the patient follows from physical, chemical, and emotional aspects.


The main challenge of musculoskeletal pain or spine pain like neck pain, back pain, migraines, spondylitis, slip discs, and disc herniation, as well as other ailments, is the recurring nature of pain which is because of the wear and tear and our lifestyle and ageing process, but a proper treatment at the beginning of symptoms reduces the recurrence during the pain cycle, therefore, reducing the recurrence. If not treated properly at the right time, this can lead to repeated treatment and also becomes highly expensive during long-term care.

Osteopathic care is a widely accepted and reputed alternative medicine compared to another similar treatment approach as it empowers the patient to heal naturally, be self-aware and reduce unnecessary treatments, medications, and repetitive maintenance sessions which actually is the true definition of preventive care. Physical Therapy and Spine strengthening program with proper graded strength building in spine muscles helps in recurrence after a proper osteopathic spine alignment treatment.


Non-Surgical, Non-Drug treatments are gaining a lot of popularity and many people have reported resorting to these types of treatment, but they should not be considered as an alternative to surgery, as claimed by some. There are certain issues in the spine that are considered red flags and would require immediate surgery, like bladder and bowel dysfunctions, severe weakness in limbs, cancer, or spinal fractures. It is important to understand which treatment will be effective and which treatment to avoid. We assure complete transparency and appropriate case referrals to help you seek proper medical care.


STANCE Spine Clinic offers the best-in-class Manual Medicine, Osteopathic Manual Medicine, and Digital Chiropractic Analysis and Adjusting has helped a large number of patients overcome their spine issues very effectively in common and complex spine issues. Consult our specialists in pain management for a cost-effective and clinically advanced treatment from our internationally-certified team of leading spine and pain specialists.




“Our approach has not only simplified the treatments but it also actively involves the patients to recover by our very simplified, yet very dynamic treatment protocols.”

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