The Stance Spine Clinic

Dr Nitish wants to bring a change in this state of affairs.

His vision is to increase awareness.

His motto is SAFE, EFFECTIVE, QUICK relief from pain for all patients followed by rehabilitation and prevention of the further onset of pain.

Fast and effective relief is necessary as prolonged suffering with pain leads to immunological and nervous changes that make recovery very difficult.

He is trained in guided interventions that target the exact pain generators. These deposit the medications accurately and so become very safe and offer quick and prolonged relief.

He is also proficient in regenerative procedures like PRP and growth factors which do wonders in correctly chosen patients.

And he puts the utmost focus on making an accurate diagnosis first, with a diagnostic block, many times more accurate, safe and useful than an X-ray, CT or even MRI.

He is the medical director of IPSC, a centre committed to integrating the most effective pain therapies in one place.

About The Stance

A non-surgical speciality Pain and Spine Clinic which brings together the benefits of modern medicine and evidence-based practices along with manual osteopathy and similar alternative medicine practices.

The Stance team wishes to offer an alternate and viable medical solution to people who look for relief and long-term solution, but willingly or unwillingly have to undergo multiple treatments in order to find out which one will work for them, or probably has to take a decision to undergo surgery, much sooner than actually required.

THE STANCE assures transparency across every listed service and case-appropriate medical suggestions and referrals.

Dr Nitish

Pain Management

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