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#Dr. Kumar M. (OMT, CMT Spine, P.T.) is a specialist in non-drug, non-invasive and non-surgical spine treatment for chronic, sub-acute, and acute-on-chronic problems.

He is currently practising at THE STANCE – Integrated Pain and Spine Clinic, Koramangala 4th Block, Bangalore.

During his practice of over 7 years, he has helped numerous patients by incorporating an integrated approach, offering long-term solutions to the most common, yet challenging spine and musculoskeletal issues.

#Dr. Kumar M. (OMT, CMT Spine, PT) is a practitioner of Manual Osteopathy, and manual spine manipulation specialist and has offered his services in the past for leading chiropractic and osteopathic clinic spine clinics in Bangalore.

The combination treatment plan includes the best manual principles of Osteopathic and Chiropractic treatments along with the Digital Impulse Chiropractic – PULSTAR Technology for analysis and treatment of the spine.

He is trained in Digital Spine Analysis and Adjusting Technology, designed by Pulstar American Technology INC, and currently, it is the only technology used for functional analysis, evaluation, and treatment of spine-related problems and has addressed a variety of simple and complex spine issues with this technology.

During his practice at Spine Chiropractic Clinic, Bangalore, he has incorporated the DSAA technology and a variety of OMT manipulation and other manual techniques in the form of a “Combination Therapy.” on a variety of issues, as stated.

His past experience in the field of Clinical Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine, allows him to use a multi-disciplinary approach which helps patients receive better comprehensive care.

As more and more people are resorting to drug-less and “natural” forms of treatment, about 80% of the spine and musculoskeletal issues can be managed easily if provided with proper treatment at a right time.

He has constantly been contributing, learning, and evolving in his practice to meet the high expectation of the patients who believe in natural treatments or alternative medicine practices.

A strong desire to learn from his past clinical experiences and suggest simplistic and effective solutions to patients suffering from chronic, recurring, and slow-responding pain has been his core area of interest.


A non-surgical speciality Pain and Spine Clinic which brings together the benefits of modern medicine and evidence-based practices along with manual osteopathy and similar alternative medicine practices.

#THESTANCE team wishes to offer an alternate and viable medical solution to people who look for relief and long-term solution, but willingly or unwillingly have to undergo multiple treatments in order to find out which one will work for them, or probably has to take a decision to undergo surgery, much sooner than actually required.

Dr. Kumar M


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